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Metanet's own ensemble of the musically enclined.

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    Post  Ganteka on Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:12 pm

    The following thread is a collection of messaged announcements, bug fixes, updates on the forum and project, and responses to questions by users. It is locked and meant for viewing purposes only.

    Sat Jun 27, 2009 - Introduction Personal Message

    To all new members,

    This forum is a hosting for all discussion relating to the Metanet Musical project. Rules, goals, and guidelines can be found here and respective sign-ups for each role (musician, composer, editor) can be found in the Project section of the forums. I would ask you each join a usergroup corresponding to your role and actively contribute to the community and project to assure success in this endeavor.

    I can be PMd, emailed at , or talked to on the IRC on: irc:// . I hope you enjoy contributing and being a part of MetaMusic.


    Mon Jun 29, 2009 - Forum Updates and Guidelines

    The following updates have been made to the forums:
    -Created Archive
    -New logo
    -Locked 'General Introduction'
    -Admitted all who applied to the Composer, Musician usergroups. Brttrx will soon admit all pending members to the Editor group.

    However, signatures are still not working. Please be patient; I'm new to this as are the forums.

    I would like to also warn everyone: invalid, unnesscesary posts will be deleted. To refrain from this, please remember that this isn't like the Metanet Forums. No kudos for massive posting. Keep them helpful, informative, and sparse. I'd like to keep these forums a politic and power-struggle-free zone.

    Also, instrumentation and genre are up to the composer. Pick and choose which projects you want to be a part of (there's no way anyone can do them all) and then post accordingly. Don't feel obligated to sign up for every piece, nor feel let down if your instrument isn't included. You are also free to form mini-bands and exclusively have your own editor, composer, and musicians. This isn't kindergarten, you don't have to include everyone who comes knocking on your thread.

    Thur July 2, 2009 - First recordings have begun

    Brett and Squibbles have begun work on the first recordings. I am currently at work on my own projects, the first of which may be finished by the end of the month. Please, if you are creating a piece, first create a thread in its appropriate forum (The Music --> Genre --> New Topic), open it for sign-ups (if you need other instrumentalists, vocalists, editors, composers, or arrangers) and then update it with your sheet music/chords for the players.. It is the job of the musicians to post their recordings, and the role of the editors to post the finished copy.

    Tues July 21, 2009 - Project Renewal

    As the project has thus far been rather inactive, I acknowledge that much of this has been a fault of my own. In an effort to recoup, I've instated a new administrator; please welcome Brttrx as a leader in the community. I have committed myself to furthering this project and hope everyone will do their part to guarantee this runs smoothly.

    Many of you may have noticed recent updates. First off, the Music sub-forums are now based off the status of a project (Proposed, Finished, etc) replacing the sorting by genre method used previously.

    For those of you who are new members, please make yourself at home. If you wish to view past announcement you may have missed, visit the Archive (The Project --> Guidelines & Goals --> Announcement Archive). If you have not already joined a usergroup, please do so now.

    Many of you have been asking for moderator/administrator positions, these will come when you prove yourself a worth leader or moderator and when the forum begins to need one. At this point in time, 3 administrators are enough to monitor the entire site, inactive enough as we are.

    Again, please pull your weight and do your part. I'm counting on all of you, especially administrators and moderators.

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